Welcome to this website that provides all necessary information on the Mobility & Transport Innovation Challenge Roermond. The organizing partners of this challenge, warmly welcome all international submission.

The Challenge

Centred in the German-Belgo-Dutch Euregio Region, the city of Roermond is looking for your innovative ideas to make the city future proof in terms of mobility. Everyone can participate in the Mobility & Transport Innovation Challenge Roermond. Submit your innovative idea before April 23rd. Perhaps, your idea will be selected by a professional jury giving you the chance to present it to a wide audience of investors, companies, research facilities and government institutes during the Boostcamp Event on May 18th! The most innovative and impactful idea will be selected as winning concept. Students until the age of 21 can participate in a special Youth Award.


The winner will get a €5.000 reward (€1.500 for the Youth Award) and will get the opportunity to fund the winning idea and develop it further into a possible solution for a welcoming and more accessible City of Roermond. 


The jury is reviewing the submissions at this moment.

 Transferable  The solution is broadly applicable, in various regions and geographical areas.


 Sustainable It brings sustainable change and is of continuous nature.


 Scalable Has potential to grow into a broadly accepted and scalable application or product/service.


 Shared Value Solves a mobility challenge, has economic value and social value.


 Future-proof Evokes thinking about the future and offers an answer to future challenges or chances.


 Timeline Innovation Challenge



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